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Jewelry Store Web Site - Jack Sutton

Jewelry Store web site Jewelry Store Web Site - Jack Sutton

As you can imagine the jewelry business in a mid sized market such as New Orleans can be very competitive. Jack Sutton came to us to fulfill his needs and we delivered. I asked him what is the number one item you want to sell and he said "Engagement rings, because if I can make someone happy with that I have a customer for life." We made it happen for him!

Main Features

  • Fully functional front end with easy clean navigation
  • Custom control panel for new jewelry items, testimonials, and about us
  • Contact form with data gathering features for sales funnel
  • Social networking tie-in
  • SEO optimized for top placement
  • Managed Facebook page and Google places

SEO Case study

Jack Sutton had been in business for years but his site was not placing very well. Once we took over he went straight to the top of Google, Yahoo, and Bing for the search terms "Engagement Rings" "Jewelry" and "Fine Jewelry" New Orleans

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