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Artchateau Magazine and E-Commerce Website

Artchateau Artchateau Magazine and E-Commerce Website

Artchateau had some very unique requirements in a web site / business model. They wanted to combine two very distinct ideas into one. While at the same time offering a unique experience for their clients and visitors. Full of extremely high quality photos and video to allow their users to have an amazing multi media experience whether they were on a phone or a full screen high definition television

Request One was to create an amazing online luxury lifestyle magazine from the ground up. It needed to visually astonishing and extremely easy to use. It also required easy to use control systems with many automated SEO features for the content creators. Automatically creating SEO tags, structures, and meta systems not just for the textual content but also writing meta data into the images for maximum SEO

Request two was to create a full featured shopping system that integrated with the lifestyle content seamlessly. At the same time this system needed to accurately describe the unique technique art reproduction known as "Zhee-Klay-Verssage". Attention to detail was a must. New and unique displays were required to present these high end reproductions that were in the thousands of dollars.

This project is constantly evolving and growing.
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There slogan says it all. "The Purpose of Art is Washing the Dust of Daily Life off our Souls" ... Pablo Picasso

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