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Data Science, Migration, and Automation

Data Integration Data Science, Migration, and Automation

There comes a time in every growing organizations journey when the data structure and flow has reached it's maximum efficiency and has begun to cause the companies growth to become stagnant. The leaders of the company know their systems need to be upgraded but how is this achieved without disrupting normal day to day operations? This is when data science becomes the key for migration, automation, and scalability.

At I'm Going Live we specialize in taking a scientific and practical approach to upgrading your systems. We have successfully upgraded multiple old database platforms such as Lotus123, MsSql2000, Interdepartmental excel spread sheets, and even flat file data structures to robust cloud based services.

  • We start with a deep analysis of your current data and its flow.
  • We carefully analyze your organizations current process and future needs by consulting with your department heads in order to find out where time is being lost and what tools are needed to increase efficiency.
  • We identify fragmented data that is spread across multiple platforms and integrate them into single solid system.
  • We design the data structure to be able to grow and anticipate future upgrades and expansion.
  • We create secure and intuitive interfaces for the people in your organization.
  • We automate common tasks and implement error checking to minimize human error.
  • We do all this and more while optimizing current systems and maintaining daily operations.

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