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Optimized Sales Funnel

marketing a business Optimized Sales Funnel

Successfully marketing a business online is not just getting traffic to your web site, but about increasing sales and leads you are getting from that traffic.

So how do you increase sales? How do you turn the casual web visitor into a client?

In comes the sales funnel... We have pre-built and custom promotions that automate the process of developing leads from your site. Here is how it works

1. Each site has a sign up form with something to give back to the client.
2. Once the visitor enters their name, email, and phone they will receive an automated email thanking them for signing up and a link to the offer you were giving them.
3. The visitor clicks the offer and they are taken back to your web site.
4. The database verifies their email and information and adds them to the newsletter.

What this accomplishes are few things
- You know you have a real person so you don’t waste your time.
- You are Can Spam Compliant.
- You are building up a newsletter list that you can legally send information to.