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What is Responsive Web Design?

What is Responsive  What is Responsive  Web Design?

What is Responsive web design? What is Bootstrap? These are some very important questions for web site owners. Basically they are web sites that respond to the device the web visitor is using and redesign themselves to look good on whatever device the visitor is using.

Google just announced that over half of all visitors to websites are now using mobile devices. So you can clearly see that in today's web design it is extremely important that your web site can be seen properly not just on a computer but also on mobile devices such as i-pads and smart phones

If it does not you are more than likely not even reaching half of your web site visitors

In the past this meant that you would have to pay a web site designer to design multiple sites and then use a script to detect what type of device the visitor was using and direct them to the site that was optimized for that device

Then came Bootstrap, HTML5, and adaptive design. Now your site can be designed once and still look correct on desktop computers as well as mobile devices

All of our websites use Responsive design