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How I saved $300 per Month Wtih a Few Simple Tricks

T-Mobile How I saved $300 per Month Wtih a Few Simple Tricks

We all know the cost of interactive technology can be quite high. I was paying close to $200 a month for high speed internet and a mid-grade package for television. I was also paying close to $200 for two cell phone lines, a wireless internet device, and 10 gigs of data. I know this may be a bit higher than the norm but the phone carrier was the best when it came down to coverage but they were also the most expensive and because I work from home a lot I was paying for the fastest internet connection I could get. Or so I thought.

To be honest, I came across this whole idea by accident, I made a common mistake and dropped my cell phone and broke it. While I was looking at the price of replacement I came across a special from T-Mobile. Though there coverage was not as good, my job no longer required me to spend half my time traveling across the country. I decided to take them up on their offer of four phones for $100 per month with 8 gigs of data at 4G LTE. A neat feature of the package was that if I go over on my data there are no over limit charges they just drop you down to 3G and that is unlimited. I took them up on their offer and closed my Verizon account and boom; I’m saving $100 per month and have an extra phone too.

Now for the other $200 saved per month.

As far as the TV goes we really don’t watch it too much. I put an antenna on the TV and saw that this new digital broadcasting system is far superior to what I had as a kid. There are roughly about 25 channels to choose from. Then I realized that pretty much anything that we had found interesting on cable could be found on Netflix. What really sealed the deal for me was when I did a speed test I did.

Wow! As you can see from the image above I’m getting almost 7 times the speed from the 4G than the Wi-Fi. What is even more amazing is I now have 4 individual devices that are getting these speeds. That meant that if I attached a device like Google’s Chromecast to each of the TVs in our home each of them would have their own dedicated internet connection.

I find the end result of all of this amazing!

  • I saved almost $300 a month!
  • I have faster internet.
  • I can now get a new IP address simply by turning the phone off and on.
  • Every TV is now a multimedia center


I do believe if this idea catches on it may be the demise of the cable TV and internet providers.

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